Your Pets Stay With Us

Your pets stay with us starts when you first see the iconic Goldbrook carving at the entrance to our drive.

At this point you know you are entering a well tended and secure place that will quickly become a home from home for your pets.



You will be welcomed warmly one or more of our, who will introduce themselves to your pet, make note of any special requirements that you or your pet may have, take some details and answer any questions that you may have. Our staff know their stuff and this process is handled smoothly and efficiently.

We can then begin introducing your pet to their accommodation for the period of their stay.

Your pets daily needs will be taken care of with every care taken for their comfort and happiness.

After all your pet deserves a holiday too!

We socialise and exercise those that require it and can even administer prescription medications as directed by the owner. We consider your pets health, safety and contentment to be paramount.


As part of our commitment to quality care and ensuring your pets are happy here with us we offer enrichment to keep them stimulated and active.

After initial assessment and discussion with yourself to ascertain current training and temperament we will plan an enrichment program for your pet. This can be as simple as socialising and toys or be more involved as required.

As standard we will regularly exercise and interact with the animals on our care and where more attention is required we can arrange this.

Please make us aware of any requirements you may have at the time of booking so we can ensure appropriate resources are available.

If you have any questions about our enrichment programs or wish to discuss your pets stay with us further, feel free to contact us.


Your pets accommodation has been specially designed and constructed to the highest standards to ensure comfort, security and safety.

As pet lovers ourselves we understand that importance of knowing that your pet is well looked after and the peace of mind this can bring.

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